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T-shirt Lady V Neck

T-shirt Lady V Neck

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Product photos are for reference only, therefore may vary by physical product.

Please note that measurements for size are not exact, they may vary due to fabrication, seams, and shirt assembly.

Shirt Features

Material: 100% polyester.
Fabric weight: 150gr / m2
Neck Type: V
Neck: reinforced
Sleeve: Short 
Manufacturing: National
Gender: Lady
Packing: clear plastic bag

Temperatures and times:

Centigrade: 195 ° / 60sec.
Fahrenheit: 374 ° / 60sec.

Measurements by dimensioning

Size Size S
Total body length: 57-58 cm
Body width: 38-39 cm
Shoulder length: 6-7cm
Sleeve length: 9-10cm
Mouth sleeve: 13-14cm

Size Size M
Total body length: 61-62 cm
Body width: 40-41 cm
Shoulder length: 6-7cm
Sleeve length: 10-11cm
Mouth sleeve: 14-15 cm

Size Size L
Total body length: 63-64cm
Body width: 41-42 cm
Shoulder length: 7-8cm
Sleeve length: 11-12cm
Mouth sleeve: 14-15 cm

Size Size XL
Total body length: 64-65cm
Body width: 43-44 cm
Shoulder length: 8-9cm
Sleeve length: 13-14cm
Mouth sleeve: 16-17cm



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