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Sublimation Paper A4 - Semi Yellow (Ream)

Sublimation Paper A4 - Semi Yellow (Ream)

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An ideal paper for ceramics, textiles, glass, etc. Get vivid colors with this paper. Wonderful!

Impress your clients with spectacular colors on your products with this type of paper.

How to use?

After printing let it dry for 10 minutes if it is for textiles, if it is for mugs 20 minutes. Remember that being a wet paper the rollers (depending on the type of printer) may be marked on the sheet. Consider all of this before purchasing the paper.


General Size: Width: 21cm X Height: 27.9cm
Capacity: Does not apply
Number of sheets: 100 sheets

Sublimation Area: Sublimation paper

Stamping Times and Temperature:

Centigrade: Does not apply
Fahrenheit: Does not apply
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