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8 in 1/5 HOLE Female Driver

8 in 1/5 HOLE Female Driver

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Product photographs are for reference only, therefore they may vary from the physical product.


1. Controllers are for machines purchased from AnimationPrint only.

2. We only guarantee its operation on our machines.

3. We DO NOT guarantee operation for machines external to AnimationPrint.

4. If the replacement is purchased for a machine not purchased from AnimationPrint, the buyer is 100% responsible for its operation, assuming that the replacement is not guaranteed and no refund or exchange will be made for this product.

5. We refrain from ensuring that this part works for non-AnimationPrint machinery.

6. Some inputs from other brands of machines or controllers may be similar to ours, but the internal connections may vary, therefore we do not guarantee operation on other machines.

Controller Features

Connector: Female / 5 Holes
Remark: Before buying check the connector of your machine
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