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17 Oz White Metal Bottle x4 Units

17 Oz White Metal Bottle x4 Units

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17 Oz White Metal Bottle X4 Units.

Packaging Size:

High: 7 in
Width: 11 in
Depth: 7 in
Weight: 29.2 lb

Bottle Features

Size: Height: 10.03 IN x Diameter 2.75 IN
Sublimable Area: Width 4.33 IN x Height 8.85 IN
Material: Metallic 
Color: White
Accessory: Includes lid
Additional: Includes individual packing box
Remark: It sublimates with the 6oz resistance

Temperatures and Times:

Centigrade: 180 ° / 100sec.
Fahrenheit: Minimum 370 ° Maximum 370 ° / 100sec.


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