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11oz Mug Template Pack #1 x25 Pack

11oz Mug Template Pack #1 x25 Pack

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Templates are completely custom

The entire template is grouped except for the area where the photo is located (red area).

Content (x25 Templates)

Valentine: 3
Phrases: 4
Family: 7
Happy Birthday: 5
Professions or career: 3
Friends: 3

How to use the templates?

  • Enter the photo or image you want to use in the template.
  • Create a rocote mask of the photo or image with the area where the photo is located (red area).
  • Once the clipping mask is created, place a photo or image in the corresponding space.


  • In some cases it is necessary to move some layers back and forth so that the design is correct.
  • Some of the texts in the templates are not editable, it is necessary that in some cases you download a type of font to your liking.

Shipping method:

At the end of the purchase of your template package, your order will be sent to the email you provide in the account of our ANIMATION PRINT website by means of a WeTransfer, since the file package can be very heavy to send via e-mail as usual.

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