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SUBLIMUG INC, was born in 2015, with the purpose of expanding the distribution
of sublimation products in the United States. Given our experience in
international trade through business with the eastern countries, production
Colombian textile, and distribution of these products for 10 years.
We are able to guarantee timely attention to the needs of our current and new customers. Sublimation is the only technique that allows to elaborate from a single product
from now on and whose special feature is that the products have a layer
polyester which allows to make a unit from now on without the need of
assemble irons or apply color by color, sublimation is special so that
Work photography or make the items you need without taking out
unnecessary volumes
SUBLIMUG INC, Our mission is focused on the social with philosophy
humanistic that benefits our customers, suppliers and
employees, through the provision of a friendly, timely and dynamic service,
with personnel willing to assist you in the pre-sale, sale and after-sales stages
and with labor guarantees for our employees.
By 2030, be recognized internationally as a strong company,
sustainable, able to meet the demand for promotional products for
sublimation, with quality, opportunity, good price for being importers and
direct distributors

Knowing the situation of many families in the United States, we see the
possibility of supporting through our products and training of new
productive entrepreneurship projects, orienting our efforts towards
people with the desire to start their own company for income generation
that result in the improvement of the quality of life of the family nuclei
involved in each project and the most important thing they can develop their
work activity from the comfort of your home and without neglecting the attention of
Your daily activities

Specific objectives:
1. Invite people and family groups to start a low risk, low business
investment and good profitability and the best saving on administrative costs,
logistics and leases, because they can develop this great project from
Your own homes.
2. Taking advantage of the internet, we develop a web page, where our
customers will find all the information about the use of the machines and the
different production processes, avoiding high training costs
3. We offer virtual technical assistance.
4. We offer you our website. www.animationprint.com with
the spirit of providing design support for those who do not drive
some design program and so they can use the existing templates.
1. Responsibility: Important value that will generate recognition by giving them
to our customers and suppliers the security of having a company
Responsible for their commitments.
2. Union: We recognize the internal value of the union of teamwork, to
achieve the proposed objectives of both the company and our customers,
suppliers and our employees, satisfying individuality are generated
group results.
3. Respect: We respect freedom of opinion, religion, sexual orientation and
Respect for the opinion of our valued customers, suppliers and employees.
4. Teamwork: The union of the team is reflected in the proactive result of
group aid, coupled with the continuous feedback of each of the
activities and functions of the different dependencies of the company;
minimizing risks in the attention to our customers and suppliers, as well as
minimizing risks in the logistics of offices and marketing.
5. Integrity and Transparency: It is our interest to focus on supporting
our society with humanistic philosophy for the maintenance of the company in
On time, we develop our activities with ethics, honesty, trust,
Transparency and proactivity.