Qualities Of Sublimation!

Sublimation has many advantages, compared to other printing techniques, below we will tell you what they are:

Sublimation allows printing on rigid supports, these must have a polymer coating (polyester), in this way we can customize our products.

2. In a production you can customize each element with different names, images or colors, which avoids the use of templates to make a large production.

It is an easy and fast technique, by starting production according to quantity, you can deliver your orders on the same day.

When sublimating, the print is adhered to the product. Not like other techniques that are superficial inks that fall off easily over time.

There are a wide variety of white products ready for sublimation, this allows you to offer your customers a wide variety of gifts or promotional items.

It is a simple and very fast learning technique. With practice you will achieve excellent results.

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